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Cattron Releases RemoteIQ™ Vision - Asset-Based Image Capture Technology

January 13, 2022

Cattron has released a new product that works in conjunction with its cloud-based RemoteIQ™ software application. RemoteIQ™ Vision is an asset-based image capture camera solution for industrial, municipal, and commercial applications.

RemoteIQ Vision can be used as a complete standalone solution or coupled with other Cattron products. It offers an optical snapshot of critical events happening at key assets. Having this third-eye approach to remote monitoring eliminates the need for on-site visits.

RemoteIQ Vision provides the following benefits:

  • On-demand and scheduled snapshots are provided for remote fixed assets
  • Day and night infrared illumination
  • Alarm notifications via voice, text, or email
  • Historical data is stored for up to five years on RemoteIQ
  • Minimal data usage makes this a cost-effective solution

“We are excited to expand Cattron’s portfolio to include a vision-based system. RemoteIQ Vision will allow Cattron to offer customers another monitoring solution for remote fixed assets and gives them the flexibility to capture on-demand or scheduled images based on their specific need and application” says Brian Fette, Vice President of Product Management at Cattron. 

Learn more about Cattron’s products and services at For media inquiries, contact [email protected]. For sales inquiries, contact [email protected]

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RemoteIQ™ RemoteIQ™ Vision

Asset-based image capture for industrial, municipal and commercial applications.

RemoteIQ™ RemoteIQ™ For Municipal

Monitoring, notification, and control of remote assets for water and wastewater applications.