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Cattron Commercial Team Expands Focus in Equipment Rental Market

August 19, 2021

According to the results of a July 2021 American Rental Association member survey, 71% of equipment rental companies are planning to increase their equipment purchases in 2021/2022. Cattron has experienced increased demand within this critical market segment over the last 12 months. This demand was driven by equipment rental companies purchasing new equipment like the CANplus™ CP1000 and retrofitting their existing equipment. Our equipment rental customers also have a strong interest in Cattron’s IoT and Telemetry offerings like Asset Management (VisiTek) and Messenger telemetry products.

Cattron has created a dedicated Equipment Rental Commercial Team to support the growing market demand and ensure we offer the optimal level of customer support. The team is driven by the needs of equipment rental operators and helping them align our solutions to their applications.

The group includes a mix of territory sales managers and field application engineers with years of industry experience that will help customers optimize their equipment fleets.

In addition to supporting customers' day-to-day needs, the commercial development team will provide market requirements on behalf of equipment rental operators to Cattron’s product management and engineering organizations. This enables the increased development of products and unique solutions ideal for equipment rental operators.

Current solutions include:

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Cattron Support For Equipment Rental Operators Aug2021 600X600

Cattron Canplus CP1000 Engine Control Panel Front

CANplus™ CP1000

Advanced engine control panel that provides complete engine control, monitoring and protection for electronically and mechanically governed engines.

Cattron Visitek 600 Asset Management Front

Asset Management VisiTek™ 600

Asset management device used to track and monitor equipment anywhere in the world

Cattron Messenger BLE Remote Asset Monitoring Front

Messenger Messenger BLE

Integrated telemetry and monitoring system used for the management of remote assets in the industrial market.