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Cattron’s EC/LO Pro™ Solution Reaches Premier Industry Status with Successful Completion of TÜV Assessment


WARREN, OHIO, June 8, 2020 - Cattron™ recently became the first provider in the industry to pass an independent, third party assessment against the latest EN standards for locomotive remote control with its state-of-the-art EC/LO Pro™ system. TÜV Nord, an accredited and independent third party organization in Germany, certified the capability of the system to meet the EN50239, EN50126, EN50128, EN50129, and EN50155 standards for safety integrity level requirements up to SIL 3. This ensures that the EC/LO Pro solution meets current regulatory standards, thus protecting and maximizing customer investments in remote control technology.

Since 1999, EC/LO Pro has been a proven, end-to-end radio remote control solution for rail operators in the European market. A typical system implementation consists of at least one Machine Control Unit (MCU) and either single or multiple Operator Control Units (OCU) that are used to remotely control a locomotive in the railyard. Because of its a modular platform design, it is possible for customers to fully customize the MCU input/output interfaces and the OCU functions based on specific customer requirements. Rapid configuration changes can also be made in the field with a simple change of the configuration plug in the MCU and OCU.  In addition, system certification can be maintained without having to send the system into the manufacturer for maintenance.    

 “Cattron has maintained a relentless focus on earning this premier status so that we can continue providing technologically relevant solutions that meet current industry regulations.” says Ryan Wooten, Cattron CEO. “We designed EC/LO Pro with safety at the forefront and a focus on future-proofing the system so customers are not disadvantaged or slowed down by the lack of current certification.”

Whereas other systems in the industry experience delays or have difficulty maintaining certification as new features roll out, the modular design of the EC/LO Pro system enables rapid deployment of new features in the field without the delay associated with ongoing certification or maintenance. Operators should evaluate the impact and benefits of current vs legacy certifications and include this in their purchasing decision. EC/LO Pro is the only solution that meets the current needs of European rail operators with a modern and flexible architecture that prepares them for the future.

For more detailed product information, visit the EC/LO Pro OCU and EC/LO Pro MCU product pages.