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Cattron Expands to Include Advanced Engine and Pump Management Solutions

September 3, 2020

As reported earlier this year, Cattron acquired LOFA Industries and Antx to create a comprehensive portfolio of operator, machine and engine control solutions that span multiple industries on a global scale. 

The combination of LOFA Industries and Antx with Cattron brings together radio remote control, automation, telemetry and IoT technology into a complete Engine and Pump Management portfolio that serves industries like Oil and Gas, Utilities (Municipal Water and Wastewater) and Agriculture. The new Engine ad Pump Management products are also available to Cattron’s current customer base in its existing markets of Industrial, Transportation, Safety Systems and Mining.

“The integration of Cattron, LOFA and Antx is a step closer to achieving our vision of providing industry-leading wireless connectivity and control solutions on a global scale.” says Ryan Wooten, CEO of Cattron. “Our new Engine and Pump Control solutions enable us to provide a wider set of technology, capabilities and expertise to all of our customers.”

The Engine and Pump Management portfolio supplies advanced engine controls for mobile industrial equipment applications and includes a variety of control panels, sensors and wiring harnesses that feature embedded automation and telemetry technology. These products control, monitor, and measure the performance of engineered equipment and systems and can be used in demanding and harsh applications. Product brands include: 

In addition, Cattron is integrating and enriching the engineering, service and production capabilities of LOFA and Antx to maximize the performance and quality of its products and ongoing support services.