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Cattron Expands Its Transport™ Locomotive Remote Control Portfolio

March 10, 2021

Cattron is excited to announce that we have expanded our Transport™ locomotive remote control systems portfolio. We are introducing two new products to the portfolio --- the Transport OCU™ and the Transport CC™. These new additions enable Cattron to simplify our product offerings for customers and provide a more comprehensive suite of capabilities. 

The Transport product line is designed specifically for Class II, III and plant rail operations in the Americas and includes four primary systems and a new operator control unit (OCU).


Transport VS™ – A variable speed control solution for Class II and III rail operations that meets FRA requirements.

Transport CC™ – A permanently mounted remote control system with cruise control functionality allowing operators to set the speed while the system maintains the commanded speed.

Transport TC™ – A compact, permanently mounted throttle control system designed for plant rail operations. This system was formerly known as Transport CS™.

Transport QC™ – A portable, quick connect remote control system designed for plant rail operations.

Transport OCU™ – A feature-rich operator control unit used in conjunction with Transport TC and QC locomotive remote control systems.


“The addition of Transport CC and Transport OCU enhances our locomotive wireless remote control systems portfolio to provide more robust products, offering single speed, variable speed or set speeds for locomotive control and provides a new OCU with feature-rich Bluetooth® capabilities for improved service and efficiency”, says Brian Fette, Director of Program and Product Management.


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