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Cattron Expands Its Telemetry Portfolio with Satellite Option on Its Messenger BLE

October 5, 2021

Cattron is excited to announce the expansion of its Messenger telemetry portfolio, now offering Satellite communications on the Messenger BLE product.

The Messenger BLE, launched back in September 2020, is designed to remotely manage assets and equipment on job sites through two-way communication with electronic engine controllers, ECUs, or devices on a CANbus. Now, with the option of a Satellite modem, the Messenger BLE can cover hard-to-reach areas around the globe. Typical applications include monitoring and control of diesel driven equipment, such as pumps and generators in oil and gas, mining, agriculture, industrial and municipal markets.

"Cattron's expansion of the Messenger portfolio to include satellite coverage shows that we are invested in providing telemetry and monitoring solutions for all customers, regardless of their wireless or cellular communication services. Customers in the most remote locations can efficiently manage and monitor equipment to optimize their operations," says Brain Fette, Vice President of Product Management at Cattron.

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