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Cattron Expands Its Safety Systems Portfolio With Safe-D-Stop Wireless Emergency Stop

August 2020

According to the US National Safety Council, a worker is injured every seven seconds on the job. This equates to 510 injuries per hour, 88,500 a week and 4.6 million a year. To help prevent workplace injuries, employers are continuously looking for ways to enhance the safety and security of their operation. Wireless emergency stop and machine stop solutions are one of the many tools used to enhance the safety of employees and equipment operators.

Cattron’s Safety Systems portfolio is a suite of safety certified, wireless emergency stop and machine stop solutions. The products enhance the safety of existing machines and e-stops and can be easily integrated into both new and existing systems. The portfolio also addresses a variety of customer compliance and/or certification requirements by offering a range of safety levels including SIL 3 and PL-d. 

There are three primary products in Cattron’s Safety Systems portfolio.

Safe-E-Stop | a wireless emergency stop solution designed for purpose SIL 3 and certified by TÜV Nord based on the IEC 61508 standard.

NEWSafe-D-Stop | a wireless emergency stop solution designed for purpose PL-d and additional PL-d control functions based on the EN ISO 13849 standard.

Safe-T-Stop | a wireless remote control operator control unit (OCU) with an enhanced machine stop based on EN954.

Wireless emergency stop and machine stop solutions can be used anywhere there is an existing E-stop or where a fixed station E-stop is impractical.  Applications include but are not limited to manufacturing, production lines, conveying systems, robotics and distribution centers.

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