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IIoT World’s Smart Cities Day 2021

Location: Virtual Event

Date: June 16, 2021


ABOUT IIoT Worlds Smart Cities

IIot World’s Smart Cities Day brought together digital transformation subject matter experts, including Larry Foore – Cattron’s VP of Engineering, from all over the world to share insights on the changing infrastructure landscape in 2021 and beyond. The main themes of the event were smart cities, smart buildings and mobility.

Session Title:  The Role of AI/ML and Seamless Integration in City Operations: Water & Wastewater

Description of Session:  Digital technologies delivered about € 300 billion in capital and operating expenditure savings to the global water industry in 2016-2020, targeting water segments such as treatment of wastewater and treatment, distribution, customer management and metering of drinking water. Municipalities and water utilities have been required to reduce their CO2 footprint and improve water conservation. When investing in digital technologies, the hardware, software, and infrastructure of the equipment is fully connected, efficient and you have proactive systems and services. This session provided an overall perspective on the process and non-process functions and the sub-systems that manage specific areas of operations such as power distribution, potable and non-potable water, treatment, metering, and environmental. The panelists discussed the equity and community involvement in AI/ML, advances in edge processing that allows for more privacy, and purposeful technology.

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