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Case Studies

Wireless Controls Trifecta

Large aircraft manufacturer uses Safe-E-Stop™ and Wireless Remote Controls to optimize three critical production processes.

Just as every second counts when it comes to the safety of employees, the same can be said for productivity. Every second of productivity gained can quickly translate into meaningful cost savings. Manufacturers are continuously seeking new ways to leverage technological innovations to help them meet their goals. Recently, a large aircraft manufacturer asked Cattron to help them explore how Safe-E-Stop and wireless remote controls could impact three of its manufacturing processes.

Back-Up During the Aircraft Assembly Process

The aircraft manufacturer utilizes huge conveyors to transport aircraft wings to the proper position. Movements need to be very controlled and coordinated and immediate responsiveness is critical if a process is getting off track. In this application, managers and supervisors wear a Safe-E-Stop wireless personal safety device to shut down the conveyor, preventing damage from happening

Coordination Between Robots and Humans

With robots being used in tandem with a human for certain aspects of the assembly process, the aircraft manufacturer needed a way to communicate to the machine that the process is complete. In this application, Safe-E-Stop is being used as a signal between the human and the robot to stop the process, an indicator that the cycle is complete.

Reducing Time to Paint the Aircraft

Cranes are used to position an intrinsically safe platform in the proper position so that painters can hand paint the aircraft while sitting on the platform. The process is time-consuming and had become a bottleneck in the overall production process. With Cattron’s Remote Controls, painters wear wireless controllers, enabling them to control the platform without having to get up and down during the painting process. This application resulted in a 30% increase in the area that the painters can cover within a certain timeframe.

Learn how Safe-E-Stop and Wireless Remote Controls can enhance the safety and productivity of your operation by contacting a Cattron Solution Expert at [email protected]

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