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Case Studies

Monitoring the Movement of Steel

In heavy industrial and steel production mills, safety is a principal concern when molten iron is involved. Moving it from one location to another poses danger in every position during the process. Cattron remote-control solutions play a major role in increased safety and productivity in one of the world’s leading industrial powerhouses.

Challenge – Keeping workers safe and creating a danger-free work zone

Businesses are increasingly committed to the safety of its workers and workplace environment. Moving molten iron in torpedo cars from the primary mill to furnace and processing areas – which can be miles away – creates dangerous situations on the rail. The rail cars move through tight turns and in-plant crossings, as well as, entering and exiting mill buildings. Each turn, each entry and exit poses serious risks prompting companies to look for solutions that will automatically control the speed of the locomotive and remotely monitor all activities via an installed event recorder.


For companies already familiar with the quality and support Cattron provides, the choice to upgrade facilities with Cattron solutions is easy. For applications like the one described – the perfect solution is found in a Cattron RCL II system which includes an event recorder, Synchronous Time Sharing (STS) software, upgraded Operator Control Units (OCU), and remote access software coupled with a GPS zone control option.

Instances with rail cars and people all moving in the same vicinity of each other can be challenging due to terrain or complex railyard layouts. Cattron can provide specialized engineering support to analyze the full extent of the zones that require engines to move no faster than 5 mph at critical in/out points, sharp curves, and in-plant crossings, in addition to, recommendations for installation. Making it easy for companies to install the system themselves and further saving time and costs related to outside support services.


Once installed – safety and accountability are just two benefits that customers realize. Zone control prohibits dangerous operating that could result in injury, damage, or spillage by slowing the locomotive automatically. With the mainterm technology and event recorder, accidents can be recreated with accuracy and allows analyzation of data from the system at any computer in the office. And, diagnostic information flows through when and where it’s needed most to analyze system issues enabling preventative maintenance actions before an issue occurs.


The implementation of a Cattron solution can provide even the most treacherous of steel mill implementations the safety assurances companies require when it comes to moving molten steel.

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