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Case Studies

Maximize the Value of Remote-control Assets

Locomotive tracking software heightens Norfolk Southern rail yard productivity

As one of North America’s largest Class 1 rail companies, Norfolk Southern utilizes a complex network of rail yards to help support its thriving operations. Each of these yards has its own fleet of remote control locomotives to control and manage the flow of cargo on its main rail lines. Keeping track of these assets and monitoring their usage is critical to maintaining safe and efficient operations. With Cattron’s Tasverii™ for Rail monitoring and analytics software, Norfolk Southern has discovered numerous opportunities to improve productivity:

  • Prevent downtime with proactive measures
  • Identify potential risks to safety
  • Receive real-time email alerts of undesirable rail yard situations
  • Create and share reports with analytical insights about yard trends

Large rail yard network makes visibility a challenge. One of the biggest challenges Norfolk Southern faced was finding a system that could monitor the vast geographic range of their rail yard network. Consisting of 63 rail yards – some as long as five miles – their network required a robust monitoring solution that could account for every mile.

As a long-time Cattron customer, Norfolk Southern also sought new ways to keep yard expenses down and maximize the value of their remote control locomotive assets. To achieve this, Norfolk Southern needed better visibility to operational data – both from an individual rail yard basis and from a bigger picture that evaluated all the yards in their network.


“Tasverii™ has been an important tool in achieving our rail yard productivity and safety objectives. It has given us insight into remote control activities and performance data that were previously unavailable.” -— Doyle Cheatham, Norfolk Southern