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Case Studies

Architectural Precast Innovations

Architectural Precast Innovations (API), a concrete precast company in Middleburg, PA makes architectural panels for stadiums. Fabricating and transferring these extremely large pieces of concrete creates wear and tear on the overhead crane assemblies as well as the workers beneath them.

Concrete Innovator Chooses Durable Cattron Products for Overhead Cranes

The heavy task of manufacturing precast concrete involves repetitive movement of large, heavy walls of concrete. API uses two 20-ton overhead crane systems repeatedly throughout the day. Finding a reliable remote control system was an issue for API. They were having every type of issue imaginable with their existing systems. Using two different remote control systems made it even more complicated. Repairs frequently took a month or longer and their back-up pendant system created additional work delays.

API’s maintenance manager, Eric Freed, decided it was time to replace the two systems. Eric decided to implement a Remtron system. Remtron was already being used on three crane systems in another area within their facility. He knew that Remtron would offer the reliability and ruggedness that API needed. Freed also selected Remtron because the warranty is top of the line. According to Freed, “Remtron is the best on the market.”

The durability of the remote allows crew members to pull panels quickly and confidently. The use of the remote eliminates the human factor, is safer for the workers and reduces wear and tear on the cranes. The ease of use allows for faster training and better production time, “using a 20-ton crane we need to move six inches up, down, right, or left and there isn’t a problem with the Remtron remote stopping on a dime.” says Freed. The simplicity also contributes to workers safety. “What I like about the remote is that there isn’t a big bulky e-stop button to get bumped, broken, or lost.” Freed adds. “Just a simple red button.”

The full plant is now using Cattron remote control systems with the latest system installed in March 2015. The plant has five Remtron systems that are used by 20 or more workers during their 10-hour days, sometimes up to 70 workers during the busy season. Maintenance and ease of use are the key in any season.

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