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A Mission-Critical Vision - Connect. Control. Protect.

By Ryan Wooten, CEO

“Cattron delivers wireless solutions that connect devices, control machines and protect assets around the world.”

As you may have already heard, Laird Controls is undergoing an exciting transition to now become Cattron. Although we may have changed our name, the service and support we’ve always provided isn’t going anywhere. I am, however, taking this opportunity to reflect on who we are and what the future holds.

As CEO, I am often asked what my company produces. An elevator pitch can be a challenge for many to develop and share. Because the products Cattron produces are used to prevent employee injuries or fatalities, provide mission-critical communication infrastructure and more, finding the right words to convey the value Cattron produces is even more delicate. It’s hard to separate any elevator pitch from our vision of connecting, controlling, and protecting the world around us, as our vision is the foundation by which we design, produce and support integrated, mission-critical solutions.

This vision is comprised of three simple words that have consistently come to my mind in my time with this business. The words are “Connect. Control. Protect.” For me, they are a powerful representation of what Cattron stands for.

Connect – Our solutions must provide fail-safe connections to equipment and operators, despite adverse conditions, to keep operators informed and systems functioning effectively in real time. They must also connect and integrate decision-support tools that help optimize processes and people across a business. 

Control – Our solutions must enable reliable and efficient control of machines and data in complex applications where failure is not an option, such as mining, heavy industry, transportation, and more. 

Protect – Our solutions must protect employees, critical assets and data, keeping them safe in any working environment. 

So, when asked what my company represents, I proudly explain that “Cattron delivers wireless solutions that connect devices, control equipment and information flow, and protect assets around the world.” Our customers know this truth, our employees live by this vision, and for more than 70 years we have been consistently delivering on this promise.

Now, as Cattron, I look forward to our next chapter of living our mission, and to a bright future ahead.   

A Mission-Critical Vision - Connect. Control. Protect.