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Messenger Solutions for Water Transfer for Fracking




Rental equipment or water transfer companies serving the oil and gas market.


Companies must move 100+ barrels of water per minute across more than 20 miles of lines with interspersed tanks to provide constant water availability on the pad with minimal support staff.


Using our Messenger SMB CAN and SMB Tanks products, local and remote support staff can see near real-time operation of all pumps, levels of all tanks and the flow and pressure profile of the entire line. The Messenger product is agnostic and works with any manufacturer’s engine control panel. By utilizing the  CANplus™ CP750 as the engine control panel, the operator has complete control of the engine remotely through RemoteIQ™ cloud-based software application. Together these products create a comprehensive monitoring, alarming and control environment that has many layers of safety and operational efficiency built-in, ensuring exploratory and production companies have the water they need at the fracking sites