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Alarm Monitoring and Notification of Water and Wastewater Systems with Aquavx™




A private water utility company based in Texas serving 200,000 people billions of gallons of water a year through water systems and wastewater treatment plants across the state.


When unseasonably cold weather struck the southern part of the United States for more than a week in early 2021, many customers in Texas struggled with below freezing temperatures and power outages that lasted for many days. As a result, businesses and residents experienced frozen or burst water pipes which directly impacted their access to water. Maintaining the distribution of water and sewage is critical to infrastructure, and without power or water, wastewater plants and pump stations cannot operate efficiently. Operators need to monitor the status of all equipment to identify potential problems and take immediate action.

“The Aquavx systems were instrumental in preventing some of our water systems from running out of water during the freeze. Operators were watching and were able to detect problems and respond early.” Private Water Company, Fort Worth, TX


The Aquavx™ system provides wireless monitoring and alarm notifications for critical events at water and wastewater systems, all over a secure, private cellular network via the RemoteIQ™ cloud-based application. It is a reliable and cost-effective system, ensuring that plants and pump stations run smoothly. When the Aquavx detects a critical event such as power fail, pump failure, or other preset thresholds, alarm notifications are sent via voice, text, or email, allowing operators the ability to respond to the issue immediately. RemoteIQ provides the reporting of events, alarm history, status of data points, and trending events. Together, this hardware and cloud-based solution allow operators to proactively resolve issues before a situation becomes critical, saving time and money.