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Application Notes

Underground Mining Wireless Remote Control - Load Haul Dump Machinery



Underground mining operations in hard rock environments


Keeping mine operators safe is a challenging task in any underground mining environment. As the tunnel sections of the mine are being developed, material is removed using a Load Haul Dump (LHD) machine. It is difficult for operators to keep the machine in their line of sight because of the long and/or curved tunnels. Additionally, since the tunnels are not yet secured, the risk to workers is much higher until the tunnels are fully developed. Finding a solution to help operators retain control of the vehicle movements and maintain visibility of the machine while keeping workers safe is a challenge.


Wireless Remote Control and Video System for Load Haul Dump Machines Cattron Application Note Implementing a wireless remote control system equipped with a portable video system on the LHD machine enables operators to see the bucket operation regardless of location within the tunnel. This includes situations when the LHD machine is not in the operator’s line of sight.


  • Portable Video System 800
  • AT-Series 32 LHD Receiver


  • The PVS800 system includes cameras mounted on the LHD machine and a portable video monitor mounted on the controller.
  • The separate radio communication link allows the operator to control the machine and view images sent from the machine as far as 500feet /150meters away and in curved tunnels.
  • The PVS800MF and wireless remote control system are configured with frequencies such that many systems can operate in the same area without interference.
  • The PVS800 monitor and wireless remote controller are battery operated and can last an entire shift before being recharged.
  • The rugged construction of the system ensures reliable operations despite the harsh environment in which they operate.