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Aquavx™ for Tank and Well Monitoring and Control



Municipalities and private industry that need to monitor tank level and control pumps at one or more remote well sites. 


Monitoring tank/tower levels and needing to control pumps at one or more remote well sites where radios or site visits are not cost effective, viable solutions.


Aquavx offers tank and well communications over a secure and private cellular network that allows for monitoring tank level and communication those level readings to one or more remote well sites for pump control. Level and well status can be viewed remotely on the RemoteIQ cloud-based application and any critical alarm notifications can be generated via voice, email and/or text messages. Aquavx provides a dependable, user-friendly monitoring and control solution and should there be a communication loss at any given time, RemoteIQ immediately sends out a "comm loss" alarm to those listed on the call out roster. This feature provides users with the ability to be proactive in resolving issues at any given site before it becomes a critical situation, as well as a high level of confidence in the Aquavx monitoring system. No third party costs or integration required.