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LCS-III Wireless Locomotive Remote Control for Switching and Railyard Car Movement




A rail company using remote control has to operate, control and move locomotives in a railyard — an environment where precision and employee safety are critical. Remote control systems are frequently used for switching and railyard car movement in Class I, II, III and plant rail operations in the Americas.


Switching and railyard car movement requires precision and mission-critical reliability of the technology and processes used to safeguard locomotive operators. The safety systems used to control the locomotive must control the speed and functions of the locomotive to enable employees to safely operate the locomotive from a distance – ensuring they stay away from the danger zone. Railyard operators need reliable technology equipped with proven safety features to minimize employee risks.

With a remote control system, the operator can focus on locomotive movements and track conditions from a safe distance regardless of track grade or train mass. Railyard operators need technology that is extremely reliable and equipped with proven safety features to minimize employee risks.


LCS-III is Cattron’s latest generation locomotive speed control system that builds upon the proven features of Accuspeed and Beltpack systems.

The system enables operators to safely control the locomotive via a wireless remote control. In addition, LCS-III continually applies the right amount of throttle or brake to maintain the selected speed regardless of track grade or train mass while the operator focuses on train movements, track conditions and personal safety.

LCS-III consistently maintains the speed selected by the operator and works with the Cattron OCU-III controller to offer a wide variety of customization options. LCS-III’s card-based system offers easier serviceability and troubleshooting. While the future-proof design offers support automation and over-the-road operation.