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Shotcrete Sprayer Remote Control




Underground mines operating in hard rock environments.


Keeping mine operators safe is a challenge in any underground mining environment.

One way to keep operators safe is to solidify tunnel walls to prevent rocks from falling and causing injury to workers. Additionally, the roof may lose support if the walls slide. This only increases the risk to those inside the tunnels.

Securing the walls is done by spraying concrete cement on to the walls at high pressure and velocity. The splash and fumes created by the pressurized cement forces the operator to stand as far as possible behind the machine.


A remote control system is used to operate the shotcrete sprayer machine from a safe distance. The system controls the boom articulation, the nozzle angle and the pressure at which the concrete is sprayed onto the walls.


  • Battery can last an entire shift before needed recharged.
  • Configurable with frequencies and identification codes to allow for many systems to operate in the same area without interference.
  • The rugged construction of the machine control unit ensures reliable operations.