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S-Series Wireless Remote Control Systems for Overhead Crane Operations




A company with overhead cranes and hoists fitted with an aging and potentially unreliable wireless remote control system.


Since the remote control solution is an essential part of its safety program, and the crane applications include:  steel mills, steel stockholders, paper mills, ship loaders, fabrication and more, it is critical for the company to find a reliable system at an acceptable point that does not sacrifice quality or performance.

The company’s overhead crane operation is relatively simple and does not require complex or heavily customized remote control systems.

In addition, the company would like to implement a modern system-that meets safety standards- as quickly and efficiently as possible while staying within a modest budget.


The S-Series  wireless remote control system comes equipped with built-in reliability and a modern design in an economical package.

With two standard configurations available, the process of selecting a system that meets  operating requirements is easy. The systems are simple to deploy with simplified frequency or address management.

Standard configurations are :

  • S32 has three motions, two speed, start and stop function
  • S41 has four motions, one speed, start and stop function


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