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Roof Bolter Remote Control




Underground mines operating in hard rock environments.


Keeping workers safe before and during the installation of the roof bolts is a critical challenge for mine operators. For safety reasons, workers are not permitted to enter a tunnel until the roof has been properly secured – and to properly secure a roof requires 1M long bolts inserted into the rock and tightened.

The installation of the bolts at even intervals prevents rock or debris from falling onto workers.


A wireless remote control system is used to operate the roof bolter machine. Holes are drilled and bolts are tightened from a safe distance away from the unsecured tunnel.


  • The controller is specifically designed for the roof bolter application
  • The controller battery can last an entire shift before needing recharged.
  • The roof bolter remote control system is configurable with frequencies and identification codes to allow multiple systems to operate in the same area without interference.
  • The rugged construction of the machine control unit ensures reliable and continuous operations.