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Cattron™ Wireless Remote Control for Scrap Metal Processing and Recycling




A metal scrap processing and recycling operation.


Scrap loaded into a baler is compressed and made into a cube to allow for easier handling and processing. The customer uses an overhead crane with a magnet to pick up the scrap  and load the hopper.

With the controls for the balers in the cab of the overhead crane, the crane operator will operate the baler once it is loaded and compress the material into the cube. However, the existing hard-wired system of the controls was constantly failing and required continuous maintenance to keep running


To resolve the control failures, the company switched to a more reliable, wireless control solution with a fixed console mount transmitter in the cab of the crane. This allowed for the transmitter to communicate to the receiver/decoder in the baler control room on the ground.

Now, the scrap baler has a custom engineered, fixed-mount console transmitter with a console unit that uses industrial oil tight type switches.

The crane operator can now control all functions of the baler that was on the ground with the function switches in the console unit.