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CANplus™ CP640 Advanced Engine Control Panels for Pipe Welding

Application Notes



Power Equipment LTD is an exclusive authorized YANMAR engine distributor based in Australia. They work with Worldpoly, a manufacturer of polyethylene pipe fitting and welding equipment, to install YANMAR engines in the pipe welding equipment and rent them out for jobs.


Companies working on-site jobs in extremely harsh environments need temporary custom pipes to support air, sewer or water bypass within the mining, construction, and agriculture markets. Job site coordinators need to be able to custom fit and bend pipes on the fly to meet ever changing environmental needs. Creating custom fit pipes requires a machine that can control temperature and pressure to ensure properly welded joints between each pipe segment. Diesel powered machines, such as large power equipment, hydraulic drivers and monster generators, used for these applications in the US must also meet Tier 4F emissions compliance and safety requirements.


The CANplus™ CP640 engine panel, when integrated with a YANMAR engine within the machine, can monitor and control gauges, temperature, and pressure to ensure custom pipes are welded to exact specifications. The CP640 panel meets Tier 4F and Euro Stage V compliance requirements and interfaces with an emergency stop to ensure the highest level of safety standards are met for SAE J1939 engines. The rugged panel features weather resistant housing with vibration isolation mounts to ensure operations in all harsh environments.


  • CANplus™ CP640