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CattronControl™ Wireless Remote Control for Operating a Drain Train

Application Notes



A leading international infrastructure group developed a revolutionary machine that is proving to be an outstanding success for the removal of rail debris.


This company needed to integrate a radio remote control system capable of controlling the movements of this highly sophisticated rail debris removal system. The rail debris removal system removes ballast, bricks, silt, and compact sewage that has collected in water collection pits. Once the material is removed, it can be recycled and reused as track ballast.


Prior to the implementation of the radio remote control system, the operator used a large console-style user interface that was tethered to the drain train via a series of cables. Cattron used the CattronControl brand LRC-L1 wireless controller and integrated the necessary controls into a single, wireless remote control system. This gave the operator the freedom to move around the drain train as it is operated rather than being tethered.


  • CattronControl™ brand LRC-L1 operator control unit
  • CattronControl™ brand MMCU4 machine control unit
  • Engineered customized interface pane


System configured to scan all frequencies between 433 to 434Mhz