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DynaGen™ PRO TE600 Engine Controllers for Frost Protection

Application Notes



Wenatchee Wind is an Amarillo wind machine dealer. They manage and service all brands of wind machines in support of agricultural customers who rely on these machines for frost protection on crops and orchards around the United States.


The factory installed panels on their wind machines were not performing to Wenatchee’s expectations. Ease of use, reliability, configurability and product support were key factors in their decision-making process.


DynaGen’s TOUGH Series™ engine and generator control panels provide complete control and protection for mechanical or electronically controller CAN J1939 engines. They are easily configured to ensure machines are operating to protect crops from frost when wind and weather changes rapidly. The front panel offers an easy to use interface that is built to withstand the elements while providing simple access for display of critical parameters such as Ambient temperature, diagnostics and machine running conditions, The panel supports and offers diagnostic trouble code readouts as well as a host of timers and long-time run features, autostart triggers, built-in weekly schedulers and maintenance counters providing ease of use for customers. A full color display shows oil pressure, engine temperature, fuel and oil levels, engine hours RPM, Ambient temperature and battery voltage. The DynaGen panel is proven to be highly reliable in these agricultural applications providing peace of mind for ranch managers and operators around the world.


  • DynaGen TE600A Pro