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Application Notes

Feeder Breaker Remote Control



Underground mining operations in soft rock environments


Digging for minerals in soft rock mines is accomplished using continuous mining and feeder breaker machines. These machines slowly advance further into the underground mine. As they dig the material, it is dumped onto a conveyor system. The machines required for underground mining are very noisy and the process generates a significant amount of dust, making the working environment very difficult for the operator.


A remote control system for feeder breaker machines enables the operator to be positioned away from the machine, in a cleaner and safer location.


Feeder breaker remote control system consisting of a controller and receiver specifically designed for the underground mining environment.


  • Controller is designed to meet the environmental needs associated with salt, potash or other soft mineral mining, except coal.
  • Range allows for operation at distances up to 500 feet/150M in the tunnel.
  • The system is configurable with frequencies and identification codes such that many systems can operate in the same area without interference.
  • The controller is battery operated and will last an entire shift.