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DynaGen™ TG410 Controllers Support Engine-Driven Hydraulic Skid Maintenance

Application Notes



One of the largest crude oil and gas providers in the world. They were responsible with supporting the resource extraction industry in North America through the upkeep of hundreds of remote oil sites spread across a large geographic area.


Adapting new technologies to large scale and critical 24/7/365 applications is always challenging. The customer had been struggling with rising maintenance and repair costs, while trying to reduce down-time on critical engine-driven hydraulic oil and gas applications. They continually assess performance in a quest to increase efficiency and drive their operators to focus on the most important things. Their previous analog control panel solution lacked clear diagnostic information and was plagued with frequent repairs and replacements due to extreme operating environments such as severe temperature, vibration, and electrical disturbances. Major concern with managing 400+ remote sites:

• Excessive time and expenses associated with supporting analog control panels

• Increasing repair and labor costs associated with consistent gauge failure, inconsistent readings, and the lack of any diagnostic information

• Identifying precision on gauge parameters and the lack of specific diagnostic information resulted in extended time on site for mechanics and operators

• No stored information was available on equipment failures, which resulted in mechanics who generally replaced parts until equipment started working reliably

• Rising training costs required for mechanics and site operators in understanding the gauge parameters, not including time to identify if the parameter was within safe operating levels

• Training generally took longer than necessary as operators and technicians were required to fundamentally understand parameter operation conditions.


A collaborative process between DynaGen™, the equipment OEM and customer resulted in a very rugged, high-value solution developed and based on TOUGH Series™ controllers. The TG410 controller, the foundation of the system, significantly reduces repair and maintenance expenses by introducing clear and concise diagnostics, and a simple and easy to understand front panel interface for equipment operators.

Diagnostics are improved with a simple and easy to understand front panel interface providing a scrolling screen display for parameter warnings and diagnostics. GREEN, AMBER or RED front panel lamps provide immediate status on the operation of the engine driven hydraulic equipment.

Simplified status and operation obtained from the large front panel buttons with firm tactile feedback, together with a single LED for diagnostics, means less time spent obtaining equipment status.

Proven reliability of the TOUGH Series TG410 controller is already having a positive impact on the customer’s bottom line with significant reductions in repair, replacement, and maintenance costs. The controller’s industry leading 5-year warranty provides peace of mind to both the equipment OEM and the customer.

A six-month field trial was conducted on several of the most demanding wells with exposure to extreme Canadian winter and summer temperature ranges. Some wells featured outdoor installations with no protection from the elements, while others were installed inside equipment shacks that exhibited very high temperatures. Despite the extreme conditions, the TG410 controllers performed flawlessly, with 0 reported issues over the 6 months test period.