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Remtron™ CommandPro™ Wireless Remote Control for Truck-Mounted Vacuum Excavators

Application Notes



OEM manufacturer of truck-mounted, vacuum excavator trucks


Company wanted to decrease the number of workers required to operate the excavator and improve the efficiency of the operation.


Using high pressure water and a large vacuum, the truck excavates around water, gas and electrical lines to remove material around buildings. Operator controls are mounted on the truck, requiring the operator to walk back and forth from the excavation point to the controls in order to control the movements of the truck. In addition, the company regularly assigns another crew member to help control truck movements via verbal commands and/or hand signals. A wireless remote control system enabled the operator to control the truck movements while also seeing the excavation point, decreasing the amount of time needed to complete the job.


Remtron™ CommandPro™ System


Customer-specific requirements included:

  • Required a BUS interface
  • Must be waterproof
  • Need nationwide service and support
  • Must be made in the USA
  • Must have high reliability