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VisiTek™ Asset Tracking of Rented Compressors at a Papermill




Global equipment rental company with a large fleet of mobile equipment it makes available to various industrial customers.


The company has a fleet of mobile equipment that they rent out to customers, in this case, compressors to a paper mill for use in their manufacturing process. Several incidents have occurred where the compressors have been stolen from equipment yards and job sites or misplaced in large, sprawling customer facilities. The rental company was looking for a cost-effective way to track equipment utilization for automated rental billing, in addition to gaining the ability to track and locate missing assets.


Attaching a VisiTek™ asset management solution to the compressor before sending it out to the paper mill customer enables the rental company to track the unit's location at any point in time. The RemoteIQ™ dashboard provides insights on how the equipment is being utilized and allows customers to set up geofences for enhanced tracking capabilities. VisiTek trackers can be installed in as little as five minutes and enable:   

        - Alerts if the equipment leaves the area
        - Theft prevention and recovery
        - Equipment utilization and engine hour reporting