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VisiTek™ Asset Tracking for Mobile Equipment




Companies that rent, own, or use mobile equipment such as compressors, generators or pumps across the mining, agriculture, oil & gas, and other markets.


Whether you have one or hundreds of pieces of equipment, managing and tracking fleets of mobile equipment is a constant challenge. Companies face limited equipment visibility across multiple job sites, increased costs due to theft and inefficient equipment utilization. Attempts to secure equipment with bulky and highly visible satellite trackers are ineffective as thieves may easily identify the device and remove it, rendering your efforts futile. Plus, with equipment being subjected to harsh environments, the device can withstand the elements.


VisiTek™ is a compact, ruggedized, weatherproof asset tracking solution. Because of its small size, it can quickly and discreetly be installed on equipment and be out of sight from would-be thieves. It tracks your equipment, usually within just a few feet of accuracy, to make it easier to locate if it goes missing. The VisiTek device offers tracking via 4G LTE-M cellular and Wi-Fi triangulation as a backup for when equipment is indoors or under cover. The long-life battery provides years of use, and the IP67-rated enclosure ensures the tracker will perform in all harsh environments.

In addition, 24/7 GPS tracking enables visibility from anywhere in the world via Cattron’s RemoteIQ cloud- based monitoring application. RemoteIQ provides user-friendly graphics and intuitive maps to manage and track your entire fleet across mobile devices or computers. It even allows customers to set up user-defined geofencing boundaries that send voice or text alerts when equipment enters or exits the defined space.