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EliteIQ™ for Critical Asset Monitoring and Control of Water and Wastewater Plants

Application Notes



Municipalities and private industry that have larger pumping stations, water and/or wastewater plants.


Monitoring of tank level, pressure, pump status, chlorine residuals, UV levels, clarifiers and mixers, discharge pressure and generator status.


The EliteIQ™ monitoring system that is typically installed at larger pump stations as well as water and/or wastewater plants either as a standalone hardware solution for remote monitoring of critical events or as a backup to SCADA HMI system. Visibility into the RemoteIQ™ website allows operators and management the ability to access site status and perform control functions from any location. The EliteIQ is a robust system that monitors a significant number of data points and is designed to withstand environmental challenges such as temperature, moisture and gases commonly found in station and plant applications.


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