• Remtron 411 Industrial Crane Wireless Remote Control
Remtron 411

Four single-step motions plus start and stop functions used for the wireless remote control of equipment and machinery in industrial manufacturing, construction and material handling applications.

Global licensed and unlicensed frequencies
Diagnostic data collection
Customizable switch layout
Closed box wireless configuration
RFID security and rapid configuration
PL-d safety level
Long-Life Switches

Switches are measured in millions of cycles

IP67 Enclosure

Offers protection against harsh environments

Battery Life

Lasts beyond 95 hours with typical use; uses AA standard alkaline batteries 

Enhanced Status Indicators

Include multiple LEDs and haptic feedback for simple and rapid deployment of spares

Closed Box Configuration

Wireless configuration of frequency and function enables simple and rapid deployment of spares

RFID Security and Rapid Configuration

Allocate user ID security and "as needed" reconfiguration of the controller to a specific machine

PL-d Safety Level

Based on black channel telegram and redundant dual-processor architecture

Switch Layout

Customizable switch layout to meet application-specific requirements and white label programs

Diagnostic Data Collection

Data and diagnostics are logged and available over Bluetooth or SD Card

Global Frequencies

Frequency support in the 915 MHz, 868 MHz, 433 MHz and 2.4 GHz (unlicensed) and 450-470 MHz (licensed) spectrums

Ergonomic Switches

Feature an intuitive, tactile feel that makes it easy to differentiate among steps even while wearing gloves

Illuminated Stop Switch

PL-d rated illuminated stop switch on every controller

Operating Range

Operating range of 200 Meters typical (600 ft)


Standard one-year product warranty

Hoist/Crane Select

Includes indications shown on four status LEDs

White Label Customization

Ability to customize the label of the OCU to include your brand or specific application identity

Overhead Cranes

Using a wireless remote control to enable the operator to control all crane functions from a safer vantage point with greater efficiency than a tethered controller allows

Conveyor Systems

Control the power, speed and sorting functions of material handling conveyor systems to rapidly and efficiently carry out test and maintenance procedures