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RemoteIQ™ platform (formerly Antx Centurion) enables complete remote monitoring and control via cloud-based software for North America coverage. It  provides the easiest, most reliable, secure and cost-effective way to achieve optimal equipment performance. Mobile dashboards allow seamless monitoring and control of your remote equipment such as pumps, compressors, generators and more.

Increase efficiency, reduce costs and automate regulatory compliance workflows
Designed to give users vital operational data about their J1939 CAN engines and other equipment
Smart technology reduces service costs and improves machine uptime
Proven monitoring supplier with over 20 years of satisfied customers

Available by subscription bundled with wireless airtime. We can also provide customized solutions tailored to meet your requirements, as well as private labeling


Receive alerts for equipment issues to diagnose problems remotely. Proactively manage your entire organization and keep downtime to a minimum


With 24/7 automated remote monitoring and advanced analytic tools, you’ll get more accurate, reliable data and superior insights into the state of your equipment


The intuitive graphical displays provide a quick read of consolidated and detailed performance and equipment status, making it easier to make better operational decisions and optimize productivity

Configurable Dashboards

Graphical dashboard displays are readily understandable by any operator. The interface is user-adjustable to display information the way you want

Reporting and Analytics

Generate utilization and diagnostic reports for your entire equipment fleet. Schedule automated reports for delivery to your email inbox. Analytics tools help identify inefficiencies and predict failures before they cause costly equipment downtime

Equipment Agnostic

Supports pumps, generators, engines and other equipment from most manufacturers


Cellular data is included, no separate plans or accounts are needed 


Receive and acknowledge alarms by text, email and voice