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Water and Wastewater


EliteIQ is a cloud-based monitoring solution for large municipal and industrial water and wastewater, public utility, and sewer collection applications. The system is user-configurable with any combination of digital and analog inputs, relay outputs, and Modbus I/O to match your requirements.


  • Continuous monitoring of up to 48 dry contacts, digital or analog inputs in any combination
  • Upgrades can be easily completed in the field
  • Data, alarms, rosters, history, audit trails are available through the cloud-based RemoteIQ™ interface

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Continuous monitoring of up to 48 dry contacts, digital or analog inputs in any combination and up to four relay outputs

Alarm Conditions

Alarm on conditions: change of state, limits, rates of change and run-time or cycle limits

Alarm Notifications

Remote alarm notification and acknowledgment via voice, text or e-mail

Relay Outputs

Control individual relay outputs based on input channel conditions

Modbus RTU Master

Modbus RTU Master option allows for reading/writing and alarming on PLC data over a serial connection between the Elite and a PLC


SCADA capabilities using Modbus RTU Slave option, giving you complete access to all inputs and outputs through an RS-232/485 connection


Data, alarms, rosters, history, audit trails are all available on mobile or desktop devices through our cloud-based RemoteIQ system


One-year limited warranty for the modem; Five-year limited factory warranty on the Elite


Up to 72 Modbus PLC channels


Scheduled or on-demand reports via email


24/7 technical support provided

ISO Certification

Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified operation

Input / Output Cards

Eight channel digital input, eight channel analog input and up to twenty-four relay outputs


NEMA 4X with clear door and panel/flush mount metal enclosure

Modbus Options

Modbus Slave - allows bi-directional access from SCADA and HMI software Modbus Master - reads/writes directly to a PLC or Modbus Slave device over a serial Modbus link

Municipal Water

Pump Stations, Well Pumps, Tanks , Meters and Sensors, Municipal and Industrial Water Treatment Plants, Irrigation, Generators

Municipal Wastewater

Lift Stations, Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants, Wastewater Bypass/Dewatering, Meters and Sensors, Grinder Systems, Generators

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