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Transport CS™

Locomotive Remote Control for Plant Rail

Transport CS is a compact, permanently mounted remote control locomotive system designed for plant rail operations in North and South America.  


  • Single enclosure for reduced space requirements inside the cab
  • Minimal training required for operation
  • Fewer maintenance and repair components
  • Faster installation leads to lower overall cost of ownership

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Proportional Independent/Train Brake Control

Provides the ability to control the independent and train brake pressures. Independent and train brake valves include make up air ensuring accurate brake pressures either on train brake or independent.

Headlight Control

System can be configured to control the front and rear headlights on the locomotive. These can be customized for Off/On, Dim/Bright, Off/Dim/Bright.

Emergency Brake Override

Provides the operator the ability to command an emergency brake application

Tilt Detection

If the controller is tilted beyond a certain threshold for a predefined period of time, the system goes into an emergency penalty

Heated Cabinet

System design includes a forced air heater that turns on at any temperature below 40 degrees F to prevent airline freeze ups

Sand Control

Includes a switch for the operator to manually control sand. It also disperses sand automatically when a wheel slip is detected

Throttle Control

System is highly customizable to interface to an electric, pneumatic or mechanical throttle

Reverser Control

System can support an electrical or mechanical interface

Horn and Bell Control

System adapts to multiple variations of horn and bell control


Standard one-year product warranty

Pitch & Catch

Permits a two-person team to direct the movement of the locomotive

Speed Limiting

Permits system monitoring of the speed allowing for a controlled response at customer requested set points.

Bail Feature

Can be added or configured into the system upon request

Talkback Indicators

Up to eight LED talkback indicators

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