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Rail Paddle Controller

Extremely rugged controller in an extruded aluminum housing with paddle levers that can be customized for specific locomotive remote control applications.


  • Power on self-test
  • Switch diagnostics allow operators to quickly test switches without disassembling
  • Push-to-Operate safety feature
  • Designed for long battery life and ease of service
  • Designed to be worn on the chest or quick attach belt loop
  • Highly configurable and customizable to meet user needs

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Shock Proof Construction

Constructed using end caps with a heavy rubber coating and ergonomic design that protects paddle switches if dropped

Battery Indicator

Two-stage LED battery indicator with audible beep


Highly configurable and customized based on the application


Designed to comply with EN954


Available with toggle, pushbutton, paddle and/or rotary switches


Up to 40 digital and/or six analog functions


Typical one-mile line-of-sight

External Antenna

External antenna for increased RF coverage and range


Standard one-year product warranty

Internal Antenna

Integrated antenna design allows for maximum range in a wide variety of user worn configurations

Keylock Select Switch

Keylock locomotive select switch allows the user to quickly choose between different locomotives

NiMH Battery

Nickel-metal-hydride battery for extended operator usage

Enhanced Steel Switch Guard

Enhanced safety and protection is enabled when this feature is added to the controller


Up to 8 LEDs or an LED display provides additional information to the operator

Vest Harness

Has a variety of adjustments available for ideal weight distribution and operator comfort, multiple sizes available

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