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Wireless Emergency Stop System

A SIL 3 rated wireless emergency stop system that enhances safety by allowing an individual or a group of operators to respond to an emergency without the delay typically associated with moving to a hard-wired E-stop station.


  • Personal safety device worn on a waist belt
  • Provides constant wireless access to an emergency stop
  • Easily integrates into the existing emergency stop system
  • Simple programming via Bluetooth configuration interface

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Safety Rating

SIL3 certification by TUV Nord


Rechargeable 14-hour battery with one- and six-bay chargers available


Wireless operating range in excess of 100 meters / 300 feet


Up to five personal safety devices can be linked simultaneously


IP67 for most indoor/outdoor environments


Haptic alerts for low battery, low RF signal, comm-loss, E-Stop activated


Standard one-year product warranty

Battery Charger

Processor controller 3-hour fast charger: 1 and 6 bay versions available

Exterior Color

Personal safety devices available in the standard red or yellow, blue, green or black


Ergonomic belt clip available for the personal safety device

Listen Before Talk/Frequency Diversity

LBT and frequency diversity support up to a maximum of four PSDs

Risk Reduction Management

Use a wireless emergency stop to enhance hard-wired E-stop systems

High Speed Production Lines

Minimize waste by providing a more immediate stop

Distribution Centers

Provides increased mobility and visibility for key employees as they oversee operational processes, procedures and safety

Autonomous Robots / Cobots

Provide immediate remote shut down capability

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