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The 11R machine control unit is a rugged and reliable industrial remote control system used with S-Series wireless remote control units. It is designed to control overhead cranes and hoists, mobile equipment, manufacturing, transportation, warehousing equipment and machinery.


  • IP65-rated enclosure
  • Hinged and lockable transparent lid
  • Bluetooth® for closed-box configuration and diagnostics
  • Secure 2.4GHz communication
  • Integrated antenna with an option for an external antenna
  • Works with the S-Series S32 and S41, and CattronLink™

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Datasheets S-Series Products

Diagnostic Data Collection

Data logging and diagnostics memory are logged on the receiver and available directly over Bluetooth® and SD Card

PL-d Safety Rating

Next generation design meeting performance level-d

IP65 Rated Enclosure

Durable, IP65-rated enclosure that is easy-to-mount and can be locked for added security

Frequency Range

Long range, 2.4GHz license free communication

Power Options

Wide range power supply with AC and DC options

Plug-In Screw Terminals

Plug-in screw terminals for easy installation and maintenance

Cable Glands

Two cable glands included


Standard one-year product warranty

ISO Certification

Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified operation

Crane Remote Control

Metals Manufacturing, Paper Mills, Fabrication, Maintenance

Conveyor Systems

Parcel Unloading, Parcel Movement, Assembly Line, Ship Loaders

On-Highway Mobile Equipment

Vacuum Trucks, Loader Cranes, Specialty Trucks, Concrete Pumps, Pressure Washing Trucks

Off-Highway Mobile Equipment

Light Towers, Fire Pumps, Generators, Dewatering Pumps, Terrain Cranes, Crawler Cranes, Rock Breakers, Screen Machines


Robotics, Automated Conveying Systems

Transportation & Warehousing

Logistics, Distribution Centers, Robotics

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