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RemoteIQ™ Rail

Cloud-Based Monitoring and Analytics

RemoteIQ™ Rail is a cloud-based analytics tool that monitors trends in yard operations and provides critical insights about asset health. The cloud-based application provides vital information about operator productivity, wheel slip, speed violations, communication health, OCU metrics and emergency brake incidents.


  • Analyze equipment performance, metrics, and operational usage
  • Monitor operator behavior and equipment settings
  • Send alerts to local supervisors for technical support
  • Manage maintenance strategies and maximize performance
  • Works with LCS-III, Accuspeed™, Beltpack™, and Transport VS™

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Live Monitoring

View any online locomotive remote control system

On-Demand Reports

Productivity, reliability, and rule enforcement reports can be generated whenever a user wants to view the data

Scheduled Reports

Schedule and email predefined reports to user lists

Predefined Alerts

Email alerts can be generated when the locomotive remote control data shows selected events

Scheduled Data Transfers

Schedule regular data transfers of raw data

Locomotive Tracking

Check the configuration and component revisions for all RCL systems in your fleet

Communication Health

Check the health of your RCL RF communication subsystem with customizable reports

Transponder Health

Check the health of your pullback subsystem with customizable reports

Locomotive Alerts

The system can be set to email local managers when predefined events occur

RF Repeater Density

Monitor the performance of the RCL repeaters through density reports on the website

Locomotive Movement

View logs of movement for any RCL system in your fleet

OCU Tracking

Track OCUs by serial number, configuration, revision and last known location

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