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Compact, analog engine controller providing complete control, monitoring and protection for mechanically governed diesel engines. Used across the mobile equipment, oil & gas, agriculture, and equipment rental markets.  


  • First Fault Diagnostics (FFD)
  • Expert assistance with harness design and manufacturing
  • Drop-in, face-mountable aluminum enclosure
  • Durable connection performs well in harsh conditions
  • Plug-and-play harnesses

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Datasheet LOFA Products

First Fault Diagnostics

Pin points the initial failure for preheat, alternator charge failure, low oil pressure, high coolant temperature and AUX switch 1 and 2

First Fault Diagnostic Alerts

Identifies the initial failure, stores it in memory and alerts the end user via a single bright LED

Solid-State Design

A microprocessor-based, solid-state design that uses reliable, high-power semiconductors rather than outdated electro-mechanical relays

Key Switch

Heavy-duty IP64 water-resistant key switch with a mechanical start-locking device to prevent unwanted engagement of the starter motor after the engine is running


Simple plug-and-play installation customized to the specific application allows rapid equipment completion

Enclosure Platform

Enclosure platform (5.7” square X 2.9” deep) allows modular expansion via a plug-and-play gauge cluster

Preheat / Afterglow

Automatic preheat with afterglow duration controls the engine’s cold starting aid when the key is turned to the run position

Frequency Input

Frequency input compatible with either the alternator frequency terminal or proximity switch; supports magnetic pick-up if optional wiring kit is used

Key Cover

Rubber key switch cover provided for wash-down when booted key is removed


Automatic shutdown override eliminates pushing a button during engine starting, allowing for simplified engine cranking


Includes a 12” wiring harness terminating into a sealed weatherproof plug

Failure Alert

Failure indication with shutdown or indication only


Ultra bright LED display is highly visible in direct sunlight

ISO Certification

Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified operation


Two-year limited warranty

Gauge Cluster Configuration

Optional gauge cluster that supports up to four 2” gauges in an additional drop-in enclosure

On-Highway Mobile Equipment

Vacuum Trucks, Loader Cranes, Specialty Trucks, Concrete Pumps, Pressure Washing Trucks

Off-Highway Mobile Equipment

Light Towers, Fire Pumps, Generators, Dewatering Pumps, Terrain Cranes, Crawler Cranes, Rock Breakers, Screen Machines

General Equipment Rental

Construction Equipment, Concrete Pumps, Cranes

Specialty Equipment Rental

Pumps, Tanks, Power Generation, HVAC, Heat

Extraction & Fracking

Generators, Light Towers, Tanks

Water Transport

Dewatering, Bypass, Gas Transport

Crop Monitoring

Frost Protection


Irrigation Pumps, Lead Monitoring


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