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Transport™ OCU

Locomotive Remote Control for Plant Rail

High impact durability with lightweight convenience, the Transport OCU is a feature-rich operator control unit for locomotive remote control systems that improves service operations efficiency and decreases downtime via Bluetooth® interface.


  • OCU position tracking via GPS 
  • Bluetooth maintenance terminal integration
  • Infrared pairing with target locomotive
  • Integrated display for feedback messages
  • Compatible with Transport™ TC and Transport™ QC MCUs

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Features two-way digital data communication between the MCU and the OCU. Function LEDs and text display allow the operator to monitor critical status information

Bluetooth® Interface

Performance data and diagnostics can be downloaded via a wireless connection and used to update firmware and configuration parameters utilizing maintenance terminal

Tilt Detection

If the controller is tilted beyond a certain threshold for a predefined period of time, the system goes into an emergency penalty

Infrared Configuration Updates

The OCU pairs with the locomotive's MCU and uses infrared to download unique configuration details

Safety Feature

OCU safety check during power up process

GPS Tracking

GPS signal enables the OCU location to be logged and tracked in the internal archive record 

Battery Charger

Single- and six-unit chargers designed to rapidly and safely charge the Li-Ion battery.


Graphics, LCD 32x122 pixels, 3 lines

ISO Certification

Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified operation


Standard one-year product warranty

Americas Non-FRA Regulated

Railcar Movers, Grain Material Movement, Coal Material Movement, Aluminum Material Movement, Steel Material Movement, Aggregates, Food and Beverage, Chemical, Agriculture

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