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Locomotive Control System

The LCS-III is a locomotive control system that builds upon the proven features of Accuspeed™ and Beltpack™ systems. It enables operators to safely control the locomotive via two-way RF communication. The system continually applies the right amount of throttle or brake to maintain the selected speed regardless of track grade or train mass while the operator focuses on train movements, track conditions and personal safety. LCS-III is designed for FRA-regulated railroad operations in the Americas and offers a technology stack that supports the future possibilities of remote control and automation in the railyard.


  • Future-proofed technology stack
  • Consistently maintains the speed selected by the operator
  • Two-way RF communication
  • Compliant to 49 CFR § 229.15
  • Used by FRA-regulated railroad operations
  • Works with RemoteIQ™ Rail
  • Works with the OCU-III

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Datasheets Locomotive Products


Feature-rich operator control unit that includes an embedded GNSS location, a patented method for pushing OCU positional data to the RCL system, Bluetooth link to the internal archive record and a Wi-Fi port to accommodate future expansion

Maintenance Terminal PC Tool

Provides monitoring, configuration, Archive Record access and maintenance information either directly between a PC and the RCL system or through RemoteIQ™ for Rail

RF Protocols

RF protocols support operation in 450 – 470 MHz Currently compatible with Beltpack RF infrastructure

Dynamic Speed Control

Cattron's patented speed control system streamlines operation by handling the complexities of throttle and brake manipulation to maintain the selected speed regardless of track grade or train mass

RF Communication

Duplex RF Communication augmented by Talker functionality


Compliant to 49 CFR § 229.15 and compatible with CCB-26 electronic brake system

ISO Certification

Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified operation

Two-way RF communication

The OCU has digital feedback in the form of LEDs and text messages

GPS Positioning

Patented method for pushing OCU positional data to the RCL system


Standard one-year product warranty with extended warranty options available

RemoteIQ™ for Rail

All current RemoteIQ for Rail functions of reporting, alerting and RCL tracking, with the latest addition of OCU-III location tracking when the OCU is communicating to the RCL system.  

Train Brake Cycle Braking Protection

Train Brake Cycle Braking Protection – protects against operator misuse of the train brake

Remote Operating Parameter Programming Station

Remote Operating Parameter Programming Station – installs in locomotive cab for user interface to save cab space when implementing remote control

Remote 4G Connectivity

New architecture will push data to the server as opposed to waiting to be polled. This will provide a major improvement in the update rate of data at the server and permit near real-time alerts

Electric Handbrake Interface

Electric Handbrake Interface permits the operator to set or release the electronic handbrake from the OCU

Pullback and Stopping Protection

Pullback and Stopping Protection (PSP) – enforces a stopping trajectory to permit automatic point protection. PSP can also optionally automate grade crossing rules

Americas FRA Regulated

Switching and Railyard Car Movement, Maintenance of Way

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