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RemoteIQ™ platform (formerly Antx Centurion) enables complete remote monitoring and control via cloud-based software for North America coverage. It provides the easiest, most reliable, secure and cost-effective way to achieve optimal equipment performance. Mobile dashboards allow seamless monitoring and control of your remote equipment such as pump stations, plants, compressor stations, diesel engines, generators, flow meters and more.


  • Increase efficiency, reduce costs and automate regulatory compliance workflows
  • Designed to give users vital operational data about their J1939 CAN engines and other equipment
  • Smart technology reduces service costs and improves machine uptime
  • Proven monitoring supplier with over 20 years of satisfied customers

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Available by subscription bundled with wireless airtime. We can also provide customized solutions tailored to meet your requirements, as well as private labeling

Critical Alarms and Events

Critical event notifications via text, voice and email, coupled with the ability to diagnose problems remotely, allows users to be proactive in managing remote sites and minimizing downtime in the field


With 24/7 automated remote monitoring provides for accurate and more reliable data and computations with less room for human error delivering superior site data


Intuitive graphical display and real-time site data provide a quick glance as to status of the remote site(s) optimizing the ability to make operational and field level decisions

Configurable Dashboards

User-friendly and user-defined site data displayed in textual format and on graphics pages

Reporting and Analytics

Generate utilization and diagnostic reports for your entire equipment fleet. Schedule automated reports for delivery to your email inbox. Analytics tools help identify inefficiencies and predict failures before they cause costly equipment downtime

Open Platform

Supports equipment from most manufacturers


Cellular data transmission is included, no separate accounts or hardware needed

Impoundment Monitoring (Oil and Gas)

Monitor level, inflow/outflow and water quality from impoundments supporting drilling, fracking and production. View the information remotely on mobile devices or computers using RemoteIQ.

Small Water and Wastewater Plants

Monitoring of level, discharge pressure, booster pumps, chlorine residuals, UV levels, Clarifiers, Mixers to include “tank to well” monitoring and controls.

Industrial Rental Equipment

Get remote access to diesel engines or electronic-based equipment. Receive diagnostic and operational warnings to ensure equipment is operating as expected.



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