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Messenger W

Messenger W (formerly Antx Messenger-W) is a cellular-based remote monitoring system designed specifically to monitor stationary assets in the industrial or municipal markets. It monitors data in the field and transmits it over a cellular network to the RemoteIQ™ web interface for alarm notifications, reports, status of assets and more. Common applications include lift stations, pumping stations and tanks.


  • Access to RemoteIQ web interface
  • Reports critical events
  • Reduces site visits
  • Tracks pump run-times and cycles
  • Shows trending to track down operational issues

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Inputs / Outputs

Three digital/pulse inputs for run-times/cycles, flow rate and total flows. One analog input (4-20mA) for level, flow and pressure. One relay output (12A) for on/off controls


Terminal blocks for easy wiring, power supply and back-up battery


Alarm notifications are sent and acknowledged via voice, email and text messaging

System Status

Local LEDs for status of alarms, cellular communication, power and low back-up battery


View historical data, alarm history and pump statistics to achieve optimal equipment performance for managing sites more efficiently


Powerful, cloud-based monitoring and notification system allowing for remote asset management via desktop computers or mobile devices


One-year limited warranty


High-gain OMNI antenna

LTE Network

ATT or Verizon


DIN-rail mounted or NEMA 4X enclosure

Water Pumping Stations

Monitor flow rates, level and pump status to ensure proper operation and delivery using a cloud-based back-end dashboard.

Water Tanks

Monitor and report historic tank levels for distribution systems.

Water Lift Stations

Remotely access key information about pumps, levels and power.

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