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Messenger SMB

A packaged, integrated telemetry and monitoring system designed to provide a rugged, outdoor monitoring system for remote or unattended facilities. Reports to the RemoteIQ™  web interface for mobile and PC access. Frequently used in oil and gas, agriculture and industrial applications. (formerly Antx Messenger SMB)


  • Rugged, battery-backed solar power, remote monitoring
  • Report tank level, pressure, flowmeters, water quality and PLC data to the web
  • Mobile and PC data presentation using the RemoteIQ backend

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Includes a small, weatherproof enclosure with handle for easy carrying, cables for level sensor, pulsing flow meter, Modbus smart sensors and solar panel, backup battery and solar charger

M12 Connections

Connections for digital on/off conditions, pulsing flowmeters, 4-20 mA input (level, pressure, flow), Modbus RTU (flowmeters, water quality, PLCs), solar panel or DC input, external cell antenna

Modbus Connection

Equipped with a powered Modbus connection to support water quality sensors to adjust the level measurement based on the density of the liquid


Pre-configured RemoteIQ web-based monitoring, alarming and remote access system


Rare earth magnets for mounting to metal surfaces and M12 panel mount connections

Level Measurement

SMB is equipped with a 4-20 mA analog input that typically is used with a pressure sensor placed in an impoundment


Active LTE 4G cellular-based Messenger telemetry unit with external, high-gain antenna and GPS

Pulsing Flow Meters

A digital/pulsing input is provided to convert pulses into flow rate, daily flow volume and total job volume

Modbus Flow Meters

Forward flow and total flow volume are monitored and reported


One-year limited warranty

Solar Panel

30W, 40W or 100W with mount


High gain omni antenna with pole or magnet mount


Impoundment level sensors for various depths and lengths; line pressure sensors of various PSI ratings


Sensor M12 extension cables

Impoundment Monitoring (Oil and Gas)

Monitor level, inflow/outflow and water quality from impoundments supporting drilling, fracking and production. View the information remotely on mobile devices or computers using RemoteIQ.

Impoundment Monitoring (Agriculture, Industrial)

Monitor level, inflow/outflow and water quality from impoundments, for irrigation, hatcheries and other applications. View the information remotely on mobile devices or computers using the RemoteIQ system.


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