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Messenger GMB

The Messenger GMB (formerly Antx Messenger GMB) is a complete system to remotely control a generator and independently control the load connected to the generator. With automatic independent control of the load, users are able to deploy generators that are properly sized for the load they are running.


  • Remote access to your equipment
  • Remote telemetry with GPS provides communication to the web for presentation of data and control
  • Supports generators proving three-phase 480 or 600 VAC at maximum at 95 amps

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M12 Connections

Panel mounted M12 connections for wiring remote start, power and communications to the generator


Internal cellular antenna and external cellular connection for high-gain antennas

Alert Command

Horn/buzzer that activates prior to remote generator start command to notify field personnel

Thermal Overload Protection

480 or 600 VAC three-phase contractor with thermal overload protection

Backend Communication

Backend reporting via UDP or TCP using proprietary protocol


2 AWG connections for load and generator


Allow for manual control of the load


Watertight fittings for all external wiring
Watertight fittings for all external wiring

Generators (Oil and Gas)

Remote control and monitoring of a generator and the load (motor) connected to the generator.


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