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Advanced engine micro control panel that provides complete engine control, monitoring and protection for mechanically governed diesel engines. Used across oil and gas, utilities, mining and agriculture industries.


  • First Fault Diagnostics (FFD)
  • Flexible platform for mechanically governed diesel engine control, monitoring, and protection
  • Thru-panel or sub-bracket mounting
  • Face-mountable aluminum enclosure

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First Fault Diagnostics

Monitors battery charge, low oil pressure, high temperature, and up to two additional contact closure inputs


Rugged, heavy-duty powder-coated Aluflex™ aluminum enclosure with integrated isolation mounting

Automatic Shutdown

Automatic shutdown override simplifies engine starting by eliminating the need to push a button

High-Power Semiconductors

Microprocessor–based control designed with high-power semiconductors

Hour Meter

Hour meter in six minute increments


Thru-panel or threaded inserts mounting

Polarity Protection

Reverse polarity protection


12” connection pigtail terminating at a Delphi GT connector

IP64 Key Switch

Heavy-duty, IP64 water-resistant key switch with a mechanical start-locking device to prevent unwanted engagement of the starter motor after the engine is running

Mechanical Lock-Out

Key switch features mechanical lock-out to prevent re-start attempts when engine is running


Two-year limited warranty

Plug-and-Play Harness

Available plug-and-play extension harness

Output Control

Alarm or preheat control output (active high)

Mechanically Governed Diesel Engines

Markets include Mining, Oil and Gas, Utilities and Agriculture


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