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Advanced engine control panel with autostart and manual operations that provides complete engine control, monitoring and protection for electronically governed engines. Available as a compact or standard size. Used across oil and gas, utilities, mining, industrial automation and agriculture industries (formerly LOFA CANplus RT).


  • CANplus 35c high-resolution 3.5” QVGA color display
  • Powered by CANplus RT software
  • Tier 4F and Euro Stage V compliant
  • QR-code diagnostics
  • Simplified one-touch access
  • Multi-level PIN-based menu access
  • Intuitive autostart mode

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Rugged, weather-resistant housings with vibration isolation mounts


Intuitive, user-friendly menus accessible via a high-resolution, color display


Simple configuration using menus or through a simple, straight forward Windows-based configuration program


CANplus interface for engine monitoring and control, supporting all SAE J1939 messages


Compact 8”x6” Aluflex™, Standard 8”x10” Aluflex™, Compact 8”x6” NEMA, Standard 8”x10” NEMA


Two autostart switch inputs, 4-20 mA transducer input, two fault switch inputs, two resistive sender inputs

Autothrottle Maintain Point

Configurable 4-20mA transducer target values to dynamically throttle the engine to maintain a level

Throttle Control

Options include a momentary rabbit/turtle rocker switch, rotary throttle and autoramp

Autothrottle Profile

Configurable seven-stage, autoramp throttle profile


Alarm, Aux for engine running, autostart or engine-at-speed


Two-year limited warranty


Configurable start and stop events: autostart switch inputs, 4-20 mA transducer (level, pressure, flow, etc.), 24 x 7 scheduled run, countdown-to-off timer

Electronically Governed Engines

Markets Include Mining, Oil and Gas, Utilities, Agriculture and Industrial Automation

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