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Engine and Generator Control


Engine and generator control solutions offer autostart or manual operations for mobile and rental equipment.  Our controllers provide various throttle capabilities, are Tier 4F Euro Stage V compliant, and offer remote monitoring capabilities to streamline and optimize operations by securely controlling your remote equipment from anywhere in the world. With user-friendly one-touch access, the high-resolution displays make operating and controlling mechanically or electronically governed engines, generators and pumps simple. Cattron's controller solutions can be integrated into OEM or aftermarket products or sold as complete plug-and-play enclosed panels and can accommodate different applications such as pumping, irrigation, compressors, power units, construction, and material processing equipment.


Control. Monitoring. Protection.

Engine and generator control that provide safe, productive, and efficient operations of remote and mobile equipment.


Products DynaGen™

DynaGen™ offers a range of trusted engine and generator controllers that are rugged, reliable and easy to install

Products CANplus™

CANplus™ is a suite of advanced digital engine control panels powered by the next generation CANplus RT™ software platform.

Products LOFA™

LOFA™ analog solutions provide complete control, monitoring, and protection across electronically and mechanically governed engines.

Global Services. Complete Support.

Trust Cattron's experienced team of industry professionals to minimize downtime and keep your equipment running at its best.  

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