The EliteIQ™ is a robust, wireless SACDA water system for remote monitoring, control and alarm notification. It is designed for large pump and lift stations, gas compressor stations, substations, and water and wastewater treatment plants. The remote monitoring system is user-configurable with any combination of 48 digital and analog inputs, 24 relay outputs, and 72 Modbus PLC channels to match your requirements.

  • Powered by RemoteIQ™ Water
  • For large applications
  • Configurable I/O includes digital, analog, relay and Modbus
  • Continuously monitor up to 48 dry contacts
  • Data, alarms, rosters, history and audit trails
  • Upgrades can be easily completed in the field
  • Data is available 24/7 via mobile device or laptop

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Inputs / Outputs

Continuous monitoring of up to 48 dry contacts or digital inputs, analog inputs or up to 72 Modbus PLC channels

Alarm Notifications

Remote alarm notification and acknowledgment via voice, text or e-mail

Alarm Conditions

Alarm on conditions: change of state, limits, rates of change and run-time or cycle limits


Local interface via display, keypad and LEDs for status of power, alarms and modem communication

Remote Monitoring

Data, alarms, rosters, history and audit trails are all available on mobile or desktop devices through RemoteIQ


Scheduled or on-demand reports via email


Run mode


One-year limited warranty for the modem; Five-year limited factory warranty on the Elite

ISO Certification

Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified operation

I/O Cards

NEMA 4X with clear door and panel/flush mount metal enclosure


Eight-channel digital input, eight-channel analog input and four-channel relay output cards with a maximum of 48 inputs or 24 outputs

Modbus RTU Master

Modbus RTU Master allows for reading/writing directly to a PLC or Modbus slave device over a serial Modbus link

Modbus RTU Slave

Modbus RTU Slave allows bi-directional access from SCADA and HMI software, giving you complete access to all inputs and outputs through an RS-232/485 serial port


Camera for incident-based events via on-demand snapshots that become historical data

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